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Tangerine Citrus - Long Knit Scarf - OOAK


Yummy tangerine scarf with just a hint of lemon. This long, lightweight and very cheerful scarf is made with acrylic yarn that has a lovely sheen to it and for an added bit of fun, some eyelash yarn. The fringe includes a couple of matching ribbons to add a bit more shine. I've also left the ends when joining the yarn to dangle for a bit more "fun" to the scarf. When people see you coming they will want to give you a "squeeze". The scarf has been finished off with a brass "handmade" charm. This is a OOAK Delmar Creation.


Approximate Size (unstretched):

Length: 67 inches

Width: 6 1/2 inches

Fringe: 4 1/2 inches



Yarn is 100% acrylic and 100% polyester

Ribbon is 100% polyester


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